Architecture & Art


Design by: CO-TA Arquitectura


Colectivo Taller de Arquitectura, are a group of young professionals from different areas of Mexico, based in Tulum, Quintana Roo. They are dedicated to the design and construction of spaces in conjunction with landscapers, interior decorators, industrial designers and engineers, integrating professionalism, creativity, motivation and dedication to the service of those for whom they work.


Exterior Art

Design by: Giorgio Casu


A native of Sardinia, Italy, Giorgio Casu, or Jorghe as he signs his works, is a contemporary artist, based in New York City and creating art all around the world.

Giorgio’s acrylic paintings, for which he is best known, have been shown in major event and galleries around the world, including the White House, where he presented his portrait of the president Obama in 2010.

The prints on canvas of his work have been sold all around the world and his murals can be found in Miami, Mexico, New York, Italy, Costa Rica, India and Australia.



Giulio Serafini

I’m an Italian creative, passionate about technology, art and eco sustainability.
I have a LOT of experience in animation,  working for TV, web, corporate, no profit, pharma ect.
I worked for +10y as multimedia designer and in the last 3 years I started working in VR (animVR, Tiltbrush, Quill ect).
I live between NYC and Tulum (Mexico) and I speak English, Spanish & of course Italian.


Interior Art

Design by: Enrique Chaco


Enrique Chaco is a multimedia artist, producer and vocalist from Mexico.

After spending years abroad, fascinated by rich global subcultures and inspired by underground dance music and visual arts, he has returned home to rediscover the local scene and experiment with new music and artwork. More recently, Chaco co-founded, a space to share and promote inspiring discoveries in the world of underground music.